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Fandom Diet

Where fans come for support!

fandomdiet - for fitness tips, advice & support
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Welcome to Fandom Diet!

About Me:
I am a former couch potato who hated exercise who has transformed herself. Exercise is now a major part of my life and I'm studying to earn my personal training certification. How did I do it? Feel free to read my success story:
Because of my success I am now a Million Dollar Body coach... I'd love to help you reach your goals!

About Fandomdiet:
This community was created based on replies to a post by fangirlsays about how all of us always talk about wanting to lose weight, but then we never really do anything about it... or anything that lasts. Many people replied and said that they'd be interested in joining a community to support one another, so I created one! We have similar interests, and similar goals. So, if you've tried everything, why not try the help and support of people just like you?

~Please make in introductory post which includes:
  *Your name (real or nickname)
  *Your age
  *Your current height and weight
  *Your goal weight or fitness level
  *Your weaknesses (food wise, exercise wise...)
  *What type of diet you are following (weight watchers, yoga, adkins...etc.)
  *What you've tried in the past that didn't work for you and why
  *Why you joined this community

~Posts in this community can contain recipes, food logs, points counts (for Weight Watcher users), before and after photos, exercise suggestions, links to sites with info, progress updates, equipment recommendations, food recommendations, fitness tips, etc.

~Posts that are not allowed include: flaming (we are here to support each other, not to put each other down), advertisements for other communities, general ramblings that have nothing to do with community goals, sales pitches [this doesn't include promoting something that you're using that is working for you, it does include random sales people who sometimes post on these groups just for the heck of it], etc.

~If you have a question about a post you'd like to put up but are uncertain if it is within the guidelines then email me at psyknife@psy-strike.com and ask. It's open posting now, but if posts get really off topic then it may become a moderated community. I'm not going to be too strict.. for example: if you take a walk as one of your routines and want to share photos of your walk and things that you saw... go ahead! Just anything to keep us inspired and motivated!

~Also, since this is an open community, you may want to watch anything bad you have to say about certain products, because I've heard of incidences where people have flamed certain products and gotten in trouble with the companies. Protect yourself, please.

~Why the name fandomdiet? Well, because the community was started for many people who are part of what is known as "fandom." That can really mean anything that you're a fan of. It's usually used when referring to movies, tv shows, books, graphic novels, comics, cosplay, etc, etc. You don't have to be part of any "fandom" to join this community, though... anyone is welcome. So, join us! :-)

Thanks for joining, and happy exercising!!!!