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Has anyone ever ordered online ? - Fandom Diet

Oct. 11th, 2009 07:05 pm Has anyone ever ordered online ?

I used to buy hoodia gordonii pills offline, but pharmacy that has hoodia is far away and I'm tired of spending hours in transport.

Now found this site - http://www.buy-mega-hoodia.com
Is it ok to buy pills over the internet ?
Has anyone any experience with online pharmacy stores ? Is it safe ?

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Date:October 11th, 2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
I've purchased items at drugstore.com without any trouble. I'd suggest you try there. They've been very good. Target and Walmart have been great, too. Shipments come in quickly & no funny business.

Why not check and see if your pharmacy has an online site for ordering?

I once tried purchasing Resveratol at their site, getting the "free" sample. That sample turned out to allow them to charge me $87 per month to continue to send me the pills. I canceled right away.

Good luck!