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My New Year resolution was to tone up and get fit, as well as an… - Fandom Diet

Feb. 25th, 2007 02:19 am

My New Year resolution was to tone up and get fit, as well as an umcomming wedding. Well I did something about it. Last month I went to a gym and got a membership along with a Personal Trainer. I see her twice a week.

I have seen a diffrence. My arms are more toned, I can run up 3-4 flights of stairs and not have my thighs hurt or be winded. I can also see a diffrent in my midsection.

My problem is that I am a procrastinator and I find that when I'm working (I work 6 days on Thursday-Tuesday and I have 8 days off) I don't feel the need to do anything. I have Tae Bo tapes and things but I can seem to get myself off the couch when I get home and put it in. But when I see her I feel great and eat so much more healthy then when I don't. And my eating habbits are not getting better. I was doing well and eating healthy but lately I've been eating not so healthy stuff. Alot of cola and high Sodium foods.

Anyone know how I can get more motivation to get myself going and trying to eat more healthy?

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Date:February 25th, 2007 02:26 pm (UTC)
I eat on a schedule, that seems to help me.